Favorite Finance Youtube Channels and Videos

Favorite Finance Youtube Channels and Videos

Getting your money-ducks in a row is really a game of effort and luckily, there is many finance youtube channels out there helping out.

There is so many of them; from absolutely brilliant to, well, not so brilliant.

I am sharing my favorite youtube finance channels and videos right here.

Graham Stephan – Real Estate and Finance

Mr. Wonderful aka. Kevin O’Leary

Andrei Jikh

The Dave Ramsey Show

Our Rich Journey

Shark Tank (From any Country really)

There is many different Shark Tanks nowadays. I like to have a look at other cultures, it reveals quite a bit. At the end of the day, it’s the same: it’s about making business.

Nevertheless, do not limit yourself to Shark Tank USA. There is the Australian Version, Colombian, UK and many more.


I will be expanding this list as I go. However, please always remember that these people also only share their very own view. Obviously, they are very experienced, and highly educated in the field of finance.

That being said, it does not mean you can apply everything they say to your own situation. Take bits and bytes from different videos and other sources like books, magazines and documentations.

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