Best SEO Experts

Best SEO Experts I enjoy reading

SEO can be easily overwhelming. You ask 10 people and you get 11.7 opinions. And with so many experts to listen to, I personally like to narrow it down to not get distracted.

I am sharing here my favorite SEO Experts and blogs I like to read on search engine optimization.

1. Glen Allsopp from

First time I heard about Glen Allsopp was actually on the famous podcast Smart Passive Income. I instantly enjoyed his simplified and human view to SEO rather than playing dull number games.

In the podcast he talked about his newsletter. I signed up instantly. He promised a few, helpful emails over the next days, and he delivered. Sure, these emails were – obviously – automated, but already super helpful.

I think it was the 2nd email he asked not to share these emails with anyone. Although it is an automated email, I replied and told him it’s a pity I cannot share it, but I respect it and I will simply tell my friends to sign up for Glen’s newsletter instead.

He replied within a few hours.

Check out his SEO blog He also created the SEO blueprint course. Yes, I purchased this course as well. Highly recommended.

The course is closed right now. You can sign up to his waiting list to get notified.

2. Brian from

#2 on my list is famous Brian from Instead of really reading his articles, I enjoy his youtube videos.

I may be wrong, but I think Brian really got famous with his skyscraper technique.

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