Best SEO Newsletters to subscribe to - for Free

Best SEO Newsletters to subscribe to – for Free

Here is my own summary of the best SEO Newsletters out there. They do not cost you a penny and their sites itself are also a golden resource.

1. SEO Roundtable

Personally, this one is my favorite: SEO Roundtable.

It sends an email once a week, summarizing the news in the industry. It is easy to read and again, only once per week. I like this since I do not have time to check out a newsletter every single day.

Therefore, a nice summary, easy to digest.

The Subscribe Form is in the sidebar. Just confirm your email and off you go.

SEO Roundtable Newsletter

2. SEO Powersuite

SEO Powersuite offers several great SEO tools we use in our company.

They also sent a newsletter every now and then; I guess it is also once per week, maybe every second week.

It is not really a typical newsletter, but more a notification of a new and interesting blog post they wrote.

The other day I received the email about AI Content & SEO, very interesting read.

Newsletter by SEO Powersuite

3. Yoast Newsletter

The world famous WordPress Plugin for SEO, YOAST, also has its own newsletter. This is pretty obvious, I reckon.

They sent an email every 3 days with useful content from its blog. Topics can include:

  • Why redirects should be part of your SEO strategy
  • Use E-A-T for higher rankings! 
  • Image SEO: How to optimize images for SEO & accessibility
  • The impact of readability on your SEO
Yoast Newsletter


The name itself is actually fantastic already. And their newsletter holds up to it too.

Let me quote from their website

Get Weekly SEO awesomeness in your Inbox 📬

#SEOFOMO is a weekly newsletter featuring the top SEO news, resources and jobs in the market.

On first sight it looks like it is a paid newsletter, but it is free. You can subscribe to SEO Fomo here.

5. SEOnotebook

NUmber 5 comes in Steve Toth from You can read insights here from top SEOs from Wirecutter, Shopify and Ahrefs. Steve also gives away a $100 welcome bonus from upon signup. Pretty great already.

The weekly newsletter is full of useful information, recommending it too.

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