FAQ Schema

FAQ Schema – Start with WordPress Plugins or Custom Code?

The 5th of May Core update by Google let my rankings in the travel sector drop quite a bit. I had a closer look on what may have caused the drop. But even a month after the update, there hasn’t been any final conclusion; for my knowledge.

I started implementing FAQ schema. I was using FAQs on my articles, but without any schema.

I decided to try the FAQ schemes with 3 different articles. Since I already had my FAQs ready, content-wise, it was a simple copy-and-paste task.

Once this was done, I updated the date of the article to today’s date and send over Google Search Console.

Just a few hours later, I could already see my implemented FAQs in the search engine results. Amazing.

A pity though: I cannot add any links to the FAQ schema with the plugin I have been using. So far I had no luck in finding any FAQ Plugin allowing HTML in answers.

WordPress Plugin for FAQ Schema

I am starting with the plugin “FAQ Schema For Pages And Posts”.

It was the first search result which usually does not mean I go with it. However, the developer and founder behind the plugin made this very simple video explaining the plugin.

I had everything ready with a few minutes.

Few helpful resources