Laravel For Beginner

Laravel for Beginners – Free Courses and Resources

I started to learn Laravel 8, a great PHP Framework with expressive, elegant syntax to build web applications. It is super popular and powerful.

I am listing a bunch of great resources I found and used to learn Laravel.

I want to meet this guy behind and invite him for dinner. This website is by far the best resource to get started with Laravel. JeffreyWay and his team have lots of courses for Frameworks (like Alpine.js, Laravel, Vue, Tailwind, and more), testing, languages, tooling and more.

You can find all their resources and courses here.

The best course to get started with laravel8 is this one: laravel 8 From Scratch.

Official Site:

The official site of is another top resources; for obvious reasons.

It is well documented, and the forum offers browsing through lots of great discussions, tips and tricks.

I even noticed the official site lists my #1 resource “Laracasts” as a top resource. So that says it all.

Code With Dary

Another big and free course to get started with Laravel is provided by youtuber and developer “Code with Dary”.

The whole course takes more than 6 hours. It is very detailed and well done.

The only downside for me personally, the browsing and scrolling through Youtube Videos. Pausing the video is easy but jumping back 30 seconds is a pain, once videos are as long as this one.

The solution? Press the J and L keys on the keyboard to rewind and fast-forward 10 seconds. This will do the trick.

Cool and Simple Test Projects for Laravel

The most common Test Project is the To Do List. Here are two guides to build your own (and useful) app with Laravel.

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